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Here are the top ten articles for the Philosophy Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Why Become an Armchair Philosopher
Do you think you hate philosophy? Philosophy is simply "the love of wisdom," so you may be more into it than you think you are!

2. The True Meaning of Thanksgiving
What is Thankgiving really all about? Is it just the turkey and fixings? Or, is there a deeper and much more profound meaning?

3. Does Evil Exist
How can we quantify what is evil, when we all have such different views of what is acceptable or not? I offer some thoughts to ponder...

4. Surrender Or Resistance
Most of us spend our time resisting life and the situations we are in. Surrendering to life on the other hand can bring more peace of mind and create more manageable experiences for us.

5. Is Time Now Or Eternal
Is time eternal or does only the present moment exist? Presentism v's Eternalism, what is your view of time?

6. Why Is The World The Way It Is
It seems that we are all so afraid of life and making waves, to the extent that we do not speak out when we see atrocities happening to others. Why do we allow the minority to rule the majority? I wonder if we all stood up and said 'no' what differences there would be in the world.

7. The Power of Our Words: Becoming Conscious
Our words carry tremendous power. If used negatively, words can hurt and deplete others as well as our ourselves. However, the power of words can also be a great source of positive energy to heal...

8. What Makes You, You
Some of life's deeper questions can seem simple on first look, however when you really stop to consider what makes you who you are there are many factors involved.

9. Our Need For Self Identity
Our self-identity has become a crucial part of who we are. What we have achieved and how we are perceived seems to be the accepted form of knowing who someone is. However, our true Self is far removed from there.

10. The A.A. Twelve-Step Philosophy
The twelve-step philosophy that is used as a foundation for Alcoholic Anonymous contains some pretty profound advice that can be used as a support system for virtually any type of addiction one may face in one's lifetime.

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